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Top 10 reasons for a Wall Hung Condensing Boiler

1:Improved Efficiency.

The Condensing Boiler is very efficient Due to its larger heat exchanger, a condensing boiler does not have to condense in order to be more efficient. Typically a new gas condensing boiler will have a seasonal efficiency of between 86 per cent and 92 per cent compared with a new non- condensing boiler at 78 per cent or an older boiler at 55-65 per cent as well as getting the set Temperature much higher where the boiler runs much hotter for longer periods of time. The total output of the boiler is produced until the demand is satisfied, usually leaving a residual amount of unused heat making them a perfect fit for economical and environmental  concerns.

2: Eco Energy Grants available for condensing boilers

Response: In the past, condensing boilers were more expensive, mainly due to the materials used in the construction of the heat exchanger. However, as with all new things, the cost of technology reduces over time, and some regular condensing boilers can now be obtained for no more than a regular non-condensing boiler.
In some cases, the difference can be offset by Eco Energy Grants that are available from Federal and Provincial Governments. Energy Efficiency See Eco Energy Grant for your rebate for high efficiency equipment installations in your area.Viessmann-Vitodens Condensing Wall Hung Boiler 1-888-we-gas-4u

3:Easy upgrade for just the Condensing Boiler Unit for Installation.

No change necessary to the entire heating system. In most systems, radiators are already oversized for all but the severest weather. A marginal benefit of approximately 3 per cent may be obtained from oversizing radiators for a new system, as this will allow slightly cooler return water to the boiler and maximize time spent in condensing mode, but this is usually uneconomic and impractical.
As for an in floor heating the same theory applies, wether there is a 1 loop or several loops in the system.

4:Wall Hung Condensing Boilers Dependability

improvements in the Mother boards and electronics in all industries have made almost everything more reliable and efficient. Modern condensing boilers are just as reliable as the equivalent non-condensing models due to these upgrades in technologies.

5:A Condensing Boilers can be installed almost anywhere.

A great HVAC technician has a better understanding of electronics and controls on the condensing boiler.
A competent installer will have no problem in deciding on a suitable location for the exhaust system, position for daring the condensate pump to drain . Condensate pumps are available where a boiler is sited in a basement or a drain point cannot be reached for gravity.

6: The ease of maintenance on the Condensing Boiler

A trained GasFitter HVAC technician will go through a series of steps to ensure each and every condensing boiler system they work on is running as efficiently as possible. The only minor difference is the condensate drain.

7: Condensing Boilers nstall to existing systems.

Condensing boilers are suitable for replacing most existing boilers. As with any replacement boiler, the effectiveness of the control system and type of hot water cylinder should be assessed when matching load requirements to equipment choices.
Central heating systems should be thoroughly cleansed and flushed before installing any new boiler system. A corrosion inhibitor might be suitable for the system to be added at that time.
Wall hung condensing boilers are readily available and there are many choices ask a certified GasFitter technician which is best suited for Your application.

8: Condensing Boilers availability to parts.

All manufacturers now offer a wide range of both regular and combination condensing boilers and it is easy to find the right fit for any application. Wether it is load requirement or ventilation requirements there is a wall hung boiler for your home or business.

9:With a good Installation the plume can be minimized.

Because the flue gases leaving a condensing boiler are cool, they tend to produce a noticeable mist or plume of water vapour around the flue terminal itself (as they condense upon contact with the atmosphere), especially under cold conditions. This is not a problem and in fact indicates that the boiler is working as intended. However, consideration should be given to boiler and flue location prior to installation so that the plume will not be too close to neighbouring properties or windows, doors and paths regularly used in the winter.
There are a wide range of flue options available for high level discharge through vertical flues or with extended plume management kits and diverters.

10: Achieving normal pH Levels from the Condensing Boiler.

With modern systems, only about one litre per hour of condensate is produced, which has a pH in the range of 3.5 to 5 – about the same acidity as tomato juice. As previously discussed, this is carried to a normal drain by means of a simple plastic overflow pipe. Where adjustments can be made at that point to level of the pH with scrubbing stones to make your condensing boiler eco friendly.